First Love Story Of Universe

Feb 15, 2024 - 10:01
First Love Story Of Universe

Sanjay Bhatt 

In the tranquil realm where gods and goddesses reign, there dwelled a tale of divine love between Shiva and Sati. After the tumultuous event of Shiva severing the egoistic fifth head of Brahma, the wrath of Daksha Prajapati, son of Brahmdeva, was kindled. Upon the counsel of Devarshi Narada, Daksha prajapati sought the blessings of Adi Shakti to beget a daughter who would become his own. Thus, Sati was born from the womb of Daksha Prajapati's wife, Prasuti Devee, bestowed with the name befitting her divine lineage.

As Sati blossomed into a young maiden, she found herself drawn to the sacred waters of the Saraswati River. Amidst her ritual bathing, she discovered a garland of rudraksha beads adorning her neck, a mystical gift from the divine. That night, Sati was visited by vivid dreams of her beloved, Lord Shiva, his radiant presence shimmering in ethereal smoke. 

Upon waking, Sati beheld the moon's silver glow enveloping her surroundings. Yet, it was not until her journey to the temple of Lord Vishnu that fate intervened. Along her path, she encountered a bull, and as if guided by unseen forces, she adorned its horn with the sacred garland. Little did she know, this act of devotion would intertwine her destiny with that of Shiva's.

As she returned from her temple sojourn, her gaze met that of a young man—a familiar face from her nocturnal reverie. Clad in the same rudraksha garland, their eyes locked in recognition, igniting the flames of an ancient love destined to transcend the very fabric of the universe itself. And thus began the timeless saga of Shiva and Sati, a love story etched in the stars for eternity.