Jul 1, 2024 - 21:02
Cuttack(01/07/2024): Shalimar Paints Ltd., a pioneer in the Indian paints industry with a legacy of over 120 years, celebrated the success of their flagship product, HERO, and introduced innovative products that expand their extensive portfolio at a dynamic event in Kolkata.
At the heart of the event was the HERO 5-in-1 Super Premium Interior Emulsion's triumph, accompanied by the launch of HERO Super Premium Exterior Emulsion and HERO Interior Exterior.
Embodying the vision of transformation and advancement, these introductions were part of the trailblazing campaign ‘Upgrade Kiya Kya’, which inspires consumers to enhance their homes with paints formulated using superior technology.
Shalimar Paints leverages robust research and development capabilities to deliver innovative products. Kuldip Raina, Director- Sales and Marketing at Shalimar Paints said, “This event underscores Shalimar Paints’ relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.
We are overwhelmed by the success of HERO Super Premium Interior Emulsion which has become the preferred choice among consumers within a year.” Shalimar Paints has launched an advanced collection of waterproofing solutions featuring cutting-edge technology with elastomeric properties and fiber reinforcement.
These ensure superior crack-bridging capabilities, effectively sealing even the smallest cracks to prevent water seepage and structural damage.
The company's commitment to durability is exemplified in products like Zero Damp Advance and Zero Damp Smart, offering dual seepage resistance ideal for homes exposed to high moisture or heavy rainfall.
Additionally, their comprehensive range of wood coatings including Melamine, NC Lacquer, sealer, and 1k PU finishes, is meticulously crafted to meet all customer needs for preserving and enhancing wooden items, combining aesthetic appeal with robust protection.
Together, these solutions ensure long-lasting beauty and protection for cherished wooden treasures. He added, “We are thrilled to introduce new additions that underscore our commitment to delivering superior products, exceeding customer expectations.
These innovations result from robust research, promising long-lasting wall aesthetics.
Additionally, our comprehensive range includes wood coatings and ZERO Damp waterproofing products, ideal for safeguarding walls from moisture and damage, especially as the monsoon approaches.
We are confident these latest offerings will be warmly embraced and valued by our customers.” In the past year, Shalimar Paints has launched new products to meet the needs of the ever evolving consumer.
Each product showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability.
The company is investing significantly in a state-of-the-art R&D center, reinforcing its dedication to making quality products innovation.
In each can of paint from our factories is a promise of durability, excellence, and quality.
Additionally, the company is building an exceptional team and fostering robust connections with consumers, servicing dealers, and painters to effectively decipher their needs and preferences.
Shalimar Paints is embodying a new avatar with technically advanced products, catering to the needs of the modern-day consumer who seeks to upgrade.
Reinforcing its commitment to an enhanced experience that goes beyond traditional paint applications, Shalimar 2.0 enriches and revitalizes every space it touches.