Mar 12, 2024 - 20:51
Bhubaneswar(11/03/2024): In last 10 years (2013-2023), Internationally acclaimed writer-director Biswanath Rath and his short films, documentaries, music videos are known for representing Odisha/India and even Asia in International Film Festivals across the globe.
However, recently he has achieved a unique feat/milestone, which only few Indian filmmakers have been able to achieve.
At the recently held Miseentage International Film Festival (India), two of his films; English Documentary ‘The SoulCatcher’ and Sambalpuri Music Video ‘Kahide Thare’ won ‘Best Director (Documentary) Award’ and ‘Best Music Video Award’ respectively, taking the total tally of his International Film Festival Awards/Accolades to 503. A Post-Graduate in Screenwriting and Film Direction, Biswanath Rath hails from Jeypore (Koraput District, Odisha).
In last 10 years, he has got several award-winning short films, documentaries, Music Videos, Ad films to his credit as Writer-Director.
As of today, his films have received 503 awards and recognitions in International Film Festivals across the world bringing glory to Odisha/India/Asia.
From USA to Europe, from Africa to Australia, Biswanath’s films have travelled length and breadth of the world and have been screened in all continents.
His films have been thoroughly appreciated by the film festival audience as well as general audience from various cities/countries.
In addition to direction, writing of script and lyrics, he has also shot and edited some of his short films and documentaries.
He is the founder of the award-winning Film Production Company ’BnR Films’, which was co-founded by his wife Archana Rath.
BnR Films produces Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, TV commercials, Ad-Films, Corporate Videos etc.
and has got Pan India as well as international presence.
Biswanath’s films are known for their local content with global appeal.
Most of these contents are based on Odia/Indian culture, traditions, art and ways of life.
He has made documentaries and social short films on a wide range of subjects, concepts and themes which deal with Odisha or Odia people.
These films have not just represented India/Asia in International forum, but also have successfully created the much-needed awareness on lesser-known art/craft traditions, social issues and also have ignited debates and discussions on these topics.
As mentioned by him in his earlier interviews, Biswanath’s stories/films are based on or inspired by true events/incidents and real issues.
However, he always presents these content in very unique, engaging, entertaining ways because of which, in addition to their incredible film festival run, some of these films are also currently streaming on few of the major National/International OTT platforms like Amazon Prime (India, US, UK, Australia, Canada), Epic TV, Tubi, Plex, MX Player, Disney Hotstar, Docubay etc.
Additionally, his music videos have garnered lakhs of views on YouTube.
Because of his achievements and contribution to cinema, he has also been awarded/honored by several Odia/Indian socio-cultural associations in India (Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc) and abroad. Biswanath’s International Film Festival journey started way back on 12th Oct 2013, when his very first short film ‘Kar Bhalaa’ received its first Official Selection/Screening at ‘Delhi Short International Film Festival’.
Based on a true story in Chennai, the film went on to receive 9 awards and 64 International Film Festival screenings including the most recent ‘Cinetown Awards, New South Wales (Australia)’.
His silent short film ‘The ‘Right’ Glass’ (based on Child Rights) has received 8 Awards and 80 International Film Festival screenings making it the most acclaimed film in his filmography.
His short film ‘Ravaiyaa’; based on a true story of Indian migrant labourers was his first smartphone film which he directed remotely during Corona lockdown.
This short film received its very first award (‘Best Short Film Award’) at ‘Ratma Film Festival, UK’.
To date, the film has received 20 Awards and 42 International Film Festival screenings across the world.
His Odia-English Documentary ‘Kotpad Weaving’ showcased the unique, beautiful tribal textile tradition of Kotpad Handloom with special emphasis on the issues faced by Kotpad Weavers and dyers and the possible solutions.
His Sambalpuri Music Video ‘Kaide Thare’ has got 21 awards to its credit; making it the most awarded film in Biswanath’s filmography.
His English Documentary ‘A Zero to Hero Collaborative Approach’ on the story of farmers from Nabarangpur district (Odisha) won it’s very first award in AgriCulture Film Festival, Rome and then went on to receive 28 International Film Festival accolades.
His latest English Documentary ‘The SoulCatcher’ (also his first documentary shot outside India) shows the unique sculptures made by Belgian sculptor Frank Vanhooren.
Following are some of the Cities/countries where his films have been screened:, New York (USA), Los Angeles (USA), California (USA), New Jersey (USA), Florida (USA), Caribbean (USA), North Carolina (USA), Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Paris (France), Italy, Spain, Bradford (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Malta (Europe), Kosovo (Europe), Slovenia (Europe), Turkey, Iraq, Kabul (Afghanistan), Greece, Moscow (Russia), Beijing (China), Taiwan, Dhaka (Bangladesh). Talking about the glorious journey of his films, Director Biswanath says, ‘It’s truly a very special moment not just for me, but also for co-founder Archana Rath, our company BnR Films and fellow artists, technicians, cast and crew members, production/post-production partners, producers, financiers and fans.
I take this opportunity to thank my parents, wife, son, siblings, family members, friends, all our fans, well-wishers for their continuous support and encouragement for every single film I have made, every single Film Festival Selection/Nomination or Award I have received.
I feel really fortunate to have so many people with me who have motivated, encouraged, inspired, blessed me, worked with me and supported me.
With God’s grace, from my first short film ‘Kar Bhalaa’ in Oct 2013 to the latest documentary ‘The SoulCatcher’ (April 2023)’, the film festival journeys of all my films have been greatly exciting and memorable.
It definitely feels great to have achieved this unique milestone of 500 International Film Festival accolades, but as a filmmaker, my principle is to ‘never rest on these laurels’ and continue making meaningful, sensible and socially relevant films.
Through these content, I strive to win hearts of global audience.’’ In the last few years, Biswanath has conducted extensive on-ground research on various stories in Odisha and has completed several feature-length scripts of various genres (Suspense thriller, Social Drama, Comedy, Horror etc.) based on his research.
As a filmmaker, he has plans to make feature films, web series, feature documentaries on a wide range of subjects, concepts and themes in Odia/Hindi/English.
He is currently in the Pre-Production phase of a Feature-length fiction film in Odia language.