Mar 18, 2024 - 21:01
New Delhi (18/03/2024): Anish Malpani’s label, ‘Without’, made waves when it clinched victory in the 5th edition of the Circular Design Challenge (CDC), a prestigious sustainability award in India.
Organized by R|Elan™, the cutting-edge fabric brand under Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), in collaboration with the United Nations in India, the CDC has successfully evolved in alignment with RIL’s vision to catalyze India’s global leadership in sustainability and the circular economy. This marks the conclusion of the inaugural global edition of the CDC, signalling a significant milestone in its journey towards fostering sustainable innovation and waste reduction in the fashion industry.
As the curtain falls on its first global season, it's evident that the CDC has evolved from a national competition into a beacon of international collaboration and creativity.
Over the past four seasons, the CDC has garnered immense popularity within the Indian fashion landscape, emerging as a pivotal platform for nurturing talent dedicated to sustainability and environmental consciousness.
Its success in India has served as a springboard for expansion, driven by the shared vision of promoting eco-friendly practices worldwide. In a testament to its global reach, this season saw the CDC transcend borders, welcoming nominations from across India, EU, UK, and APAC region.
Partnering with esteemed organizations like the British Council, Istituto Marangoni & Redress for UK, EU & APAC respectively, the CDC attracted over 70 applications from diverse backgrounds and geographies.
Through a meticulous selection process, six pioneering start-ups were chosen, their innovations reflecting a blend of circular design principles, environmental stewardship, and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
This international collaboration not only underscores the growing importance of sustainability on a global scale but also highlights the CDC's role as a catalyst for positive change in the fashion industry, transcending geographical boundaries to champion a shared vision of a more sustainable future. This season at Lakm? Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI, the winner of the global edition, label ‘Without’ by Anish Malpani exhibited a collection aptly called “Metamorphique” which showcased a holistic transformation that was aimed at achieving sustainable fashion.
The collection of Avant Garde sunglasses was a creative homage to the concept of reimagining the impossible, with recycled plastic waste like packets of chips and turning it into haute fashion accessories. Hemant D Sharma, President – Polyester, RIL said, “As we conclude the inaugural global edition of the CDC, we celebrate the culmination of a journey marked by innovation, sustainability, and global collaboration.
Over the past four seasons, the CDC has grown to become a cornerstone of the Indian fashion scene, providing a vital platform for nurturing talent committed to environmental consciousness and sustainability.
Our success in India has propelled us forward, inspiring us to extend our reach beyond borders.
This season, the CDC welcomed nominations from India, UK, EU and APAC, embracing diversity and innovation, selecting six pioneering start-ups whose work embodies circular design principles and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
we are committed to driving innovation and fostering talent in sustainability, recycling, and circularity.
Anish Malpani's remarkable journey with his label 'Without' stands as a testament to our dedication towards promoting eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry." Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator, India said, “The world is facing a triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.
The UN and our partners at R|Elan™ and Lakm? Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI are united in celebrating sustainable fashion not only as an important source of cultural and artistic expression, and livelihoods for many, but also a critically important force for greening our world.
We are thrilled that our Circular Design Challenge partnership has grown over the past six years to become an international movement.” Jaspreet Chandok, Group Vice President, Reliance Brands Ltd?said,?“The debut showcase of the global CDC winner marks a significant milestone for us, signifying a momentous leap forward.
It's been truly fulfilling to witness the program's exponential growth and acclaim.
Taking the CDC global perfectly aligns with our mission to mainstream sustainable fashion.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to R|Elan™ and the UN in India for their unwavering support, propelling the Circular Design Challenge to global prominence and look forward to the next global chapter this year." Sustainability was at its very best and proved that fast fashion can be an inspiration at times to give a rebirth in the style story.
The journey of the ‘Without’ brand was a narrative that had its roots in functionality and revolved around UV polarized comfortable and durable accessories. The colours were a new vibrant palette of hues that focused on a unique tale that metamorphed from discarded to cherished products.
This has undoubtedly revolutionized the brand’s commitment to present an impactful attempt of fashion’s effect on the environment.
The ‘Without’ label has been responsible in not only revolutionizing the product design of eyewear but been instrumental in uplifting the lives of waste pickers into dignified roles in society.
The brand unveiled products that offered guilt free consumption of waste that pointed to a truly circular essence of life. Anish Malpani said,?“We tried to do something a little different with our atelier show, blending glam with purpose, and fashion with chemistry - I hope that came through.
Sustainable Fashion is nuanced and complex, and in a country like India, there's also a social inclusion element that needs to be considered.
We tried to embody all that and more.
I am super grateful to my team for making all this happen and I am so glad they could all come see the show, especially our former wastepickers who we are now formalized into our organization.” The CDC docuseries was premiered taking viewers behind the scenes of the Circular Design Challenge 2023, where six finalists, including three international and three Indian designers, vie for the prestigious trophy, seed fund, and a chance to showcase their designs at Fashion Week.
More than just a competition, this series serves as a gateway to bring the conversation of circular fashion and its impact stories to mainstream audiences, aiming to make sustainability a household topic.
Streaming on YouTube via the LFW and CDC channels, this five-part series offers viewers an exclusive glimpse into the intense preparation and emotional rollercoaster experienced by the finalists.
Notably, this season marks a historic moment with the first-ever fashion show held at the UN House, adding an extra layer of significance to the journey.
Get ready to witness innovation, passion, and the power of sustainable fashion in action like never before! The event took place at Jio World Convention Centre, situated at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.
Jio World Convention Centre is one of India’s foremost convention & exhibition centres and a leading destination for conventions, exhibitions and social events spanning over 1 million sq.ft.
Since its launch in March 2022, the Centre has hosted over 1300+ events and experienced a footfall over 2.5 million.