The true Story of Kabita Mohanty (ODISHA'S FIRST LADY SCULPTOR)

Apr 5, 2024 - 13:23
Apr 5, 2024 - 17:30
The true Story of Kabita Mohanty  (ODISHA'S FIRST LADY SCULPTOR)

By Sanjay Bhatt

In the tranquil village of Sundargaan, nestled in Cuttack district, Odisha, lived Kabita Mohanty, Odisha's first lady sculptor. Her roots in this picturesque village laid the foundation for her remarkable journey. Despite facing challenges in her childhood, Kabita's passion for sculpture burned brightly. She displayed her budding talent at a young age, crafting a soil statue by a pond, where the lotus flowers danced to the monsoon breeze and the morning sun's rays dazzled in the water.

Amidst this serene moment, an old woman's voice interrupted Kabita's creative trance. The news of her father's ill health called her home urgently. She hurriedly left the soil statue behind and raced to her father's bedside. The scene was heart-wrenching – her father lay on his bed, medicine tools by his side, surrounded by sorrowful siblings. As Kabita reached him, he held her hand and uttered words of encouragement, envisioning her becoming a renowned artist. With his final breath, the family's lamp extinguished, leaving behind tears and a profound sense of purpose in Kabita's heart.

As the years rolled by, Kabita's dedication and talent only grew. After completing her matriculation, she embarked on an academic journey at BK Art College , bhubaneswar, guided by the venerable principal , noted painter , author  Dr. Dinanath Pathi. It was here that Kabita's focus crystallized on sculpture, the art form that resonated deeply with her. Her experiences, both joyous and painful, provided the raw material for her creations, each piece carrying a piece of her story, her village, and her father's unwavering belief in her potential.

In the backdrop of Sundargaan's natural beauty, Kabita's life unfolded like an intricate sculpture, molded by her resilience and passion. The documentary film captured her journey – from a determined child crafting statues by the pond, to a budding artist facing her father's untimely passing, to a skilled sculptor mentored by a great master. Her story is a testament to the power of art to transform pain into beauty, and adversity into inspiration, ultimately shaping her into Odisha's first lady sculptor and a
beacon of artistic brilliance.

Kabita Mohanty, possessed a unique talent that went beyond shaping statues; she was sculpting her own life's destiny.

In the BK art college she immersed herself in the world of sculpture under the tutelage of Master Shree Damodar Behera and Shree Jayanta Kumar Das. Each chisel stroke and clay manipulation brought her closer to mastering the art.

But Kabita's path to success was far from easy. Every day, she embarked on a tireless journey, traveling between the bustling city of Bhubaneswar and her humble village, sundargaan. It was on one of these train journeys that fate intervened, introducing her to Monaj Kumar Dash. Their chance meeting blossomed into a deep love, and soon, they were bound by the sacred vows of marriage.

After completing her graduation, Kabita Mohanty embarked on her mission to make a mark in the world of art. With the unwavering support of her husband, Monaj Kumar Dash, they founded an organization that would become a symbol of their dedication to the world of art – Monomanini.

Monomanini was more than just a name; it was a sanctuary for artists and sculptors. Kabita's passion for sculpture extended beyond the art itself; it was about nurturing talents, promoting the rich cultural heritage of Odisha, and empowering aspiring artists.

Through countless hours of dedication and hard work, Kabita Mohanty's sculptures not only adorned public spaces but also told the story of her perseverance and love for art. Her life, intricately intertwined with her sculptures, stood as a testament to the power of creativity, love, and determination in shaping not only art but destiny itself.