Jul 8, 2024 - 19:51
Bangalore(08/07/2024): The International Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore (IIIT-B) has announced significant expansion plans, aiming to evolve into a multidisciplinary institution in alignment with the NEP 2020 vision.
As part of its strategic roadmap, the institute plans to establish the IIIT-B East campus within the next two years, having already secured land on the outskirts of Electronic City Phase II. At a press conference during the 24th Convocation ceremony, Prof.Debabrata Das, Director of IIIT-Bangalore, stated, "IIIT-B’s expansion seeks to broaden its academic offerings, infrastructure and research capabilities in line with NEP 2020.
With AICTE’s approval, we are launching B.Tech programme in this academic year.
The introduction of the B.Tech programme aims to prepare students with the skills needed to excel in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, addressing the rising demand for professionals in these fields.
It is a proud sense of achievement to highlight that the researchers at IIIT-B Gooru Labs have developed the key concepts underlying Gooru Navigator, a GPS for learning.
This innovative tool offers a comprehensive understanding of each learner’s knowledge, interests, and mindsets, enabling personalized learning experiences that guide users toward their educational goals.
By providing global advisory services and engaging in impactful research, the Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure (CDPI) will contribute to developing scalable solutions for critical global challenges.
This growth is supported by the Government of India, the Government of Karnataka and IIIT-B’s Governing Body and Senate members, ensuring the institute has the necessary resources and guidance to reach its ambitious goals.” IIIT-Bangalore has launched its B.Tech programme, offering specializations in Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
The program opens pathways to the ever-evolving domains of AI and Machine Learning.
The 4-year program is designed for students who have completed or are in the process of completing their twelfth-grade education (or equivalent).
Upon completion, students earn a degree that prepares them for a rewarding career journey ahead. Prof.Chandrashekar Ramanathan, Dean (Academics), IIIT-Bangalore, added, "Launching a B.Tech programme at IIIT-Bangalore aligns with our mission to provide cutting-edge education in emerging technologies.
It addresses the growing demand for skilled professionals in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, equipping students with critical skills for the future.
This programme enhances our academic offerings, attracting top talent and encouraging innovation.
By offering specialized education, we prepare graduates for successful careers in leading tech companies.
Ultimately, it strengthens our position as a premier institution in the tech education landscape.” Admission to the B.Tech.
programme is based on the JEE Main 2024 exam.
Candidates must have first-class marks in their 10+2 exams, with Mathematics as a subject.
Graduates of the B.Tech.
program can pursue prestigious careers in leading technology companies. Continuing the focus on research, IIIT-Bangalore has initiated several projects.
The Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure (CDPI) has been established as a global, non-profit team providing free technical architecture advice to countries looking to build and scale Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI).
DPI aims to address socio-economic challenges at scale through technology, public-private governance, and market innovation.
The Centre for Open Societal Systems (COSS) is formed at IIIT-Bangalore in partnership with Ekstep.
COSS aims to drive societal transformation both globally and domestically by promoting and utilizing open-source digital public goods (DPGs).
The Centre will facilitate, develop, maintain and encourage the adoption of these DPGs. IIIT-B Researchers Lead Innovation in Personalized Learning with Gooru Navigator In collaboration with Gooru Labs, IIIT-Bangalore has developed the core concepts behind Gooru Navigator, a GPS for Learning.
Gooru Navigator offers a comprehensive understanding of each learner, covering knowledge, interests, and mindsets, to generate personalized learning activities that guide users to their learning destinations.
This tool identifies learning gaps and suggests resources to bridge them.
Researchers at IIIT-B, including two professors, Prof.Srinath Srinivasa, Dean (R&D), and Prof.Sushree Sangeeta Behera, have published numerous papers on this topic. Recounting on the global need for large-scale upskilling, Prof.Srinath Srinivasa said, “In a fast changing world, upskilling at scale is a global imperative.
While several technological solutions exist to scale pedagogic practices over large populations, remote learning suffers from high dropouts and low learner engagements.
Gooru’s Learning Navigator offers a novel shift in the way we view learning by bringing the focus back on the learner.
Novel concepts like ‘locating the learner’ helps us understand and reason about how learners are assimilating what they have learnt, and enable AI based solutions that can offer personalized learning interventions at scale.” Gooru Navigator features personalized learning by precisely mapping learners' knowledge, interests, and mindsets, using AI to update profiles, curate resources, and recommend activities, combining human wisdom with AI to enhance learning experiences. Gooru Navigator is used globally to enhance learning outcomes and teacher productivity.
In India, the Gyan Prakash Foundation and India Education Collective use it in primary government schools across eight states.
Global Learning uses Navigator in eight K12 schools in Lebanon, and school districts like Lammersville USD and Antioch USD apply it for middle and high school education in Math, Science, and English. IIIT-Bangalore Achievements and Initiatives- IIIT-B’s MOSIP (Modular Open Source Identity Platform) project – a global Digital Public Good, facilitating the implementation of robust digital identity systems for governments.
With its modular design, open-source approach, customisability, scalability, and adherence to the best practices of security and privacy, MOSIP enables nations to avoid vendor lock-in and build fully-owned digital infrastructure for identity.
Today, 20 countries are involved with MOSIP at various stages of adoption.
As of May 2024, over 120 million have been registered on MOSIP-based systems worldwide.
Equipped with the best learnings and gains from the technology sector in India, MOSIP is committed to harnessing technology to empower communities all over the world. Additionally, MOSIP received the WSIS champion award in the e-governance category at the World Summit on International Society in Geneva in May. IIIT-B’s E Health Research Centre and NIMHANS have played a pivotal role in the Tele-MANAS project, an initiative by the Government of India.
This project has facilitated over 10 lakh calls, providing tele-mental health services to remote areas, demonstrating IIIT-Bangalore’s commitment to mental health empowerment. In 2024, IIIT-Bangalore was recognized among India’s Top 10 Institutes for its pioneering work in Data Science and AI.
This accolade from Emerging’s Digital Leaders Survey marks dedication to achieving global standards of excellence. The IIIT-B COMET Foundation is conducting research and development on O-RAN 5G-Advanced base stations.
Additionally, it is working on Reconfigurable Intelligence Surfaces (RIS) for 6G wireless communication.